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Liz and Ken Altschul September 11, 2007

gene song franklin lakes, nj September 11, 2007
This site is incredible.. nice job windy and all those involved. Why is Nagel in all of the Cornell pictures.. probably b/c kappa sig much cooler than phi sig delt sig..(x manoff). Yes, JP'ers that was a nice shot of Freddie's super thin glasses and my svelt body..clearly a top

Filly September 11, 2007
Love it

Chris Georges September 11, 2007
Unbelievable job on the site. The photos are incredible and shows the love that Da Bug had for his family and friends. Im glad im one of them.
We all love and miss you Freddie!

Manoff September 11, 2007
outstanding site. great job. the pictures are very hard to look at today but a perfect reminder of how much freddy loved life and how much fun we had with him...

LG NYC September 11, 2007
Sending lots of love to Mindy, Alexis, Leslie, Howard and Jolie -- on this day and always. Looking at all of the photos this morning - with Fred in my heart - really made me smile. Great job, Michael and everyone involved!
Love and miss you, Fred - especially that laugh!

Carol Suss Hollywood,Fl. September 10, 2007
What a beautiful tribute to your son Fred. May he always be in the hearts and minds of all who knew and loved him.

Jackie September 10, 2007
This site is amazing! Great job.........

David Mintz September 10, 2007
Great job to all those that helped put this terrific site together. We will always have great memories of Freddy and this is another way to celebrate his life. The Bug would be proud........

JP September 10, 2007
The picture of Geno and Freddy reaching and accord at the Geek Summit of 84' is brilliant. Freddy sure did age well. Geno obviously peaked at 13.

Great job Winderman.

Freddy I miss you every day. You're always with us.

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