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Lois and Mike Connor Howell, NJ September 25, 2007
What a great idea! We had a wonderful time browsing through the website. Everyone who knew Fred has great memories. Loving thoughts and prayers to all of Fred's family.

Lois and Mike

Jim Gifford (Carey's brother) New City, NY September 13, 2007
This is a wonderful website, a nice tribute to a great guy. I knew Fred and Jolie growing up in Dellwood Park. They were both great kids. Their parents really did an outstanding job!!

To Fred's family: my heart goes out to you, and I too lost my sister Laurie in 1987. It's so hard to lose someone, but we will be reunited on the other side. What a special moment that will be!

Take care,
Jim Gifford

Freddy kept two cases of very fine juice under his bed at Baco, and even in 110 degree heat i still would be scared to take one. Respect the BUG.

Miss him dearly.

Fiona Stephens London September 12, 2007
Dear Howard and Leslie
What a wonderful tribute you have put together for your "baby" (as we each used to refer to our sons, even when they were grown up !). My thoughts are with you both as you think about your beloved Fred, especially on this very sad anniversary day

Carey Arlington, Virginia September 11, 2007
BTW, it truly is an honor to be archived by this outstanding group as The Bug's Date with Big Hair.

Carey Arlington, Virginia September 11, 2007
Steve and I have been poring over this site tonight. Clicking our way through Fred's incredible life and legacy made for a very emotional experience, and that's just what we needed on this sad day.
I live just a mile from the Pentagon, so I'm reminded of the day I lost my friend almost daily. Fred was a huge part of my childhood - it's hard to believe that I was my daughter's age when we met - and the hysterical photos brought back such great memories (Did I actually release that one from '86?). I am blessed to have grown up among such fine, funny company. Mindy, Leslie, Howard, Jolie and Alexis ... you are so often in my thoughts. Much love to the entire family, and to my wonderful, old friends.
Great job to everyone involved in making this! And thank you.
With absolute warmth,

Vino Rye, NY September 11, 2007
It's been a long day with many emotions, but I'm comforted by the time spent with so many of the people that loved this kid today and hope that this website, this Fund, and all of our collective love will be a lasting legacy for Alexis to enjoy as she grows even more beautiful and curious about her old man.
I hope that sometime soon, I can get her to laugh at the photo in the Misc. FRB gallery with him pointing to the plumbers crack on the little kid on his dad's shoulders, as to me, that's Freddy.

I hope the site can continue to flourish, like the fund has and will last for many many years with all of our support.

NANCY GOLDBERG NEW CITY, NY September 11, 2007
What a marvelous web-site that all of you created about Fred. He touched everyone that he knew and met. Thanks so much to Leslie, Howard, Jolie, Mindy and Alexis for keeping Fred's memory alive. Nice seeing all of the New City gang and the gang from Cornell.

Love Nancy

Kathy (Mrs. David) Meyerson Poughkeepsie, NY September 11, 2007
What a wonderful remembrance. I teach 2nd grade. Every year, 9/11 gets harder because my students are too young to remember the day. Today, after our usual 9/11 activities (coloring flags, singing patriot songs, observing a moment of silence), I opened up this website on our classroom computer. I shared Fred's story with my students and then we all looked at his pictures. For a group of 6, 7, and 8 year old children in Poughkeepsie, Fred was their "face of 9/11". Thank you for making it available.

Liz and Ken Altschul New City, N.Y. September 11, 2007
What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful guy.Our love to all the Gablers.

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