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Filly NY, NY September 11, 2009
love ya, bud

chris georges ny, ny September 11, 2009
da and miss ya buddy! Im still scared of your deadlegs...

Benji and Pnina Gabler Israel September 11, 2008
We're thinking of Fred in our hearts on this tragic day...

Lots of love to Howard and Leslie,

The Israeli Gablers (Wannabe Israelis)

Brian M Randolph, NJ September 11, 2008
Thinking of you today Freddy. As always.

Brian Baker Raleigh, NC August 26, 2008
Fred was initially a friend of a friend who later became my friend and he was also a fellow equity trader. We both lived in NYC, got married at almost the same time and had similar career paths. My wife was pregnant as well and due right around the same time as Mindy. He was such a good guy and I miss him. I know he would be so proud of his family and all they have done to honor him and the life he lived. Miss ya buddy.

doug cohen NYC March 27, 2008
Windy and I were childhood friends from camp so this site has special meaning to me. I met Freddy while I stayed with them (for a week) during their freshman year at cornell while I was a senior in HS visiting potential schools. It was an obvious memorable week for me being introduced to the Cornell/Baco clan, many of whom I came to know better during my years at Michigan and beyond. It still freaks me out to think about the events of 9/11, and I often think of Freddy as he was so full of life - his entire being was a complete contradiction to this tragedy. My thoughts go out to FTB's family and friends as his memory will always be with us.
Mike, I agree with Freddy - it's about time you got this site up!! Well Done!

JR Skone Scarsdale, NY March 5, 2008
I just wanted to post a quick note to say happy birthday to FRB and to let him know that we are all still thinking about him daily. Love and miss you buddy.

Erika Feder Sunnyside, NY February 29, 2008
The last time I saw Fredric was when he was a baby. While I have lost touch with Howard and Leslie throughout the years, when I heard Fredric's name read during the 9/11 Memorial three years ago my heart stopped. I waited to hear the reading of the names the following year and contacted one of Howard's relatives to confirm. Eversince that time, Fredric has been on my mind but I haven't had the courage to contact Howard and Leslie. This is my way of letting them know that I have said many prayers and shed many tears for Fredric.

Dawn McClendon Durham, NC October 11, 2007
The website is fantastic. I love viewing the photos. Looking at them makes me laugh.

When I think of Fred, pictures of Mindy, Alexis, Jolie, Leslie, Howard and his friends quickly follow, and those images leave that hollow sadness for their loss. This website reminded me just how funny Fred was. Thank you.

My love to you all,

Margaret Hetherman Brooklyn, NY October 1, 2007
Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet Freddy. But this site is overflowing with his memory, and radiates life and love in such a way that I am left with the feeling that I know his beautiful spirit. He is obviously much loved, and has planted his own seeds of love that continue to blossom and send light in the direction of many people.

Howard -- I hold him and your family in my heart.


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