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Michael Fein September 11, 2011
Never forgotten. R.I.P. Freddy.

Tommy Strohmenger Brooklyn September 11, 2011
Miss ya Bug. Love to all the Gablers.

Rob Scheinman SHINEY February 25, 2011
Today my phone rang at work. I thought it was a headhunter looking to inventory me for a job placement. I was wrong, very wrong. It was your dad who was looking to make contact with me for almost a decade. We shared some great stories about you and life in general. Your dad is a good man who misses you like it was yesterday. It was my pleasure to speak with him today, but clearly his pleasure to be able to call you his son.

Pinchas Bauman The Dead Sea, Is-real December 25, 2010
He was hard working but always took the time out to say hello. Proud to say I lived in the same house with him one year.

Rick Weiss Montebello, NY November 3, 2010
Hey Freddie...
I been doing P90X since the summer, but I don't I'll get into your gerth category... Either will Nagel so I don't feel so bad...
Rick Weiss saying "Peace out!"

Rob Scheinman September 11, 2010
Thinking of you often. Time my past but you are far from forgotten. My warmish wishes to Mindy your child and all who have been saddened by the loss of a wonderful person.


C Kesch NY, NY September 11, 2010
Freddy Da Bug:
Think of you often, and especially today.
Thanks for helping to define my camp experience.
Best to your family.

JP September 11, 2010
Bug, Will always love you like a brother. Think about you everyday. There will never be another like you. Long live the bug.

love always,


Tommy Strohmenger Brooklyn September 11, 2010
Freddy...miss ya dude. Best to all the Gablers.



Tim Moran New York December 22, 2009
I played baseball with Fred in 8,9, and 10th grade. we had a lot of laughs. sorry about the tragedy.

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