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Csthe & Jim Boerlin NY.NY. September 10, 2016
Got to know you too late--- but honor you - especially on this 15th anniversary. Was privileged to be part of yours and your sister's life.

Tommy Strohmenger Brooklyn,NY September 11, 2015
Freddy - it never gets old and it never gets easier. Checked out the gym at Baco and it looked great. I loved how you made us record and write down every set, rep, and weight on our little index cards. "why do we have to write all this down?" "because we want to get bigger Tommy and not look like jokes!"

Man, you were the best...hands down

Ellen Paborsky Krugel Michigan September 11, 2015
Thinking of you and your family today and often. xxoo

Chris Georges Brooklyn September 11, 2014
Fredrick Da Bug. Guess what?, the big guy is getting married in 65 days!!! Unreal right? You will be happy to hear that im back down to my high school weight. Strict diet and exercise. Miss you guy, much love!!!

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